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Top tips for a healthy Christmas!
Posted on: 18/12/2012 @ 11:09am



Christmas is a wonderful time of the year! ...

But as 

much as we love this holiday and celebration period it can sometimes take its toll on our bodies and therefore our spine 
and nervous system.


Whether it is overindulging in a bit too much Christmas pudding or wine, or lugging heavy pressies around the shops whilst stressing if you have everything organised in time for Christmas day. It can be a stressful period on the body in many ways. So, we have come up with some simple Christmas survival health tips.....

1) Keep moving! Staying sat in front of the TV with the central heating on may feel like you are protecting yourself, but it is actually better to wrap yourself up and go for a refreshing walk. Nature can be stunning at this time of year and exercise will release endorphins that will keep you happy!

2) Leave Santa and his reindeer some carrots and apples, not mince pies! I’m sure he is getting plenty of mince pies, reduce those chemical stressors which affect his vital spine and nervous system.


3) Try to remember your postures and lifting techniques when lugging around heavy gifts at the shops. We all love giving presents, but bags stuffed with presents can be deceptively heavy especially when you are carrying them from shop to shop. Remember to keep the weight of the bags balanced between your arms. 



4) If doing things you don’t normally do, remember to take it easy and listen to your body for any warning signs that may indicate you have subluxations such as reduced movement, stiffness, soreness, & aches or pains. 



5) Just because it’s Christmas does not mean you have to eat the whole Christmas pudding! Remember to keep everything in moderation, and try to keep to a normal every day routine. 


6) Veg it up! Over eating comes with the territory this time of year, with all the many delicious foods around. From canapes to turkey temptation lies around every christmas tree but if you don't want to end up having to work off a tummy like Santa's during January remember to keep the meals balanced. Make plenty of room for those veggies which can be just as delicious! 



7) Make an alcohol deal with yourself. Don’t have any more than you would have had normally if it wasn’t Christmas. Everyone indulges in a tipple over the jolly season, and a little of what you fancy won’t hurt! Just remember to give those livers some time to mend themselves by taking it easy and drinking water whilst you are having alcohol. Alcohol only dehydrates you and has vast negative effects on your health and wellbeing.



8) Hydration is essential to keep your body working at its best, and is a great way to avoid a hangover. At parties try to alternate an alcoholic beverage with a fruit juice or water. It’s harder in cold weather to make sure you are drinking enough water, so why not try herbal teas or some hot water with a slice of lemon in it as a refreshing but warmer alternative.


9) Anxiety, depression and stress are very common during the festive season. Take some time out for either yourself or your immediate family. Whether it is a hobby or a quiet getaway, take some time out and remember that stress can have a dramatic impact on your spinal health.


10)  Don't wait up for Santa! Make sure you get enough sleep over the festive season, 7-8 hours a night will make sure you can enjoy yourself, so maybe instead of a party, just curl up with a book for a night. Plan for some early nights in as the Christmas season can cause chaos with our sleeping routines


11)  Headaches can happen for a number of reasons, and whether you had one too many, put your neck out watching a Christmas movie on the sofa or the kids just won’t calm down, they can turn a great day into a nightmare! Help is at hand though! Keep your spine adjusted and subluxation free. Although we will be closed between 22nd December until 4th January 2013, we will be back, for your backs on Friday the 4th of January.


Our Centre will be closed as of 22nd December, and we will reopen Friday 4th January 2013!


Life Chiropractic would like to warmly wish everyone a happy and safe holiday period. Have a fantastic Christmas and an even better 2013!





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