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Posted on: 06/11/2012 @ 2:53pm


Which part sank the Titanic?

Symptoms are misleading. The real cause is often hidden.

The tip of the iceberg, visible above the water, can be related to the symptoms (pain) you may feel. It is the most easily seen and understandable part of the iceberg. But two thirds of the iceberg is hidden underwater, and this is the part that is serious and poses the biggest threat. The underwater portion of the iceberg is like the cause of the symptoms (pain). There is much more to an iceberg than what meets the eye. You cannot expect to relieve symptoms (the tip of the iceberg) permanently unless you first correct the cause (the underwater portion).

What most people want is to get rid of the part that sticks out of the water, but they forget that the bigger problem is what lurks beneath the water. Just like the bulk of the iceberg is below the water line, so is what is causing your symptoms that you see and experience. You may say your symptoms are minor but what is causing them is typically bigger than you think!

What we must remember with our iceberg is that 88% of the iceberg can't be seen from the surface. The same can be said for our health. What we see on the surface; our symptoms and our labelled diseases are only a small part of the picture. What we don't see or maybe feel is all the dysfunction going on within the body to cause the symptoms and disease.

Symptoms can come and go depending on the stress of your life, just like the evidence of the iceberg may be hard to see admist the turbulence of the ocean. Too often symptoms (top of the iceberg) are covered up or ignored. The iceberg continues to grow.

What we need is to be more aware of the beginning of iceberg formations we can see (our symptoms) because once we can see a symptom or problem we know beneath the surface the cause is bigger than what we can see or feel. Or better yet health care should focus on health and prevention check-ups not just sick care. How many times have you heard "John just had a heart attack or stroke, he was just told how healthy he was". Healthy people don't have strokes or heart attacks. 

At Life Chiropractic, we focus our attention on what lies beneath the surface, the cause of your symptoms and disease. Once the cause or causes are identified, we can then set a plan to improve health by incorporating regular Chiropractic care as well as expressing the importance of nutrition & an active lifestyle.

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